Are you feeling stuck? Do you ever wonder what your life would look like if you actually went all in? In this episode of the podcast, I’m sharing with you what I believe to be the greatest and most overlooked secret to success.

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What Are You Avoiding?

In this crazy COVID world we live in, we pretty much have 2 choices: quit or go harder. Let me tell you my story of not exactly quitting, but definitely not going harder. 

My super bougie home gym, aka my dusty garage where my husband runs his knife-making business, has not been any farther away from me during this quarantine than it ever is. And instead of trying to find time to work out, we are home now more than ever. 

But rather than take this opportunity to really push myself, I’ve chosen instead to give myself a little bit of a break. You know, no need to add stress on top of the stress we’re all feeling from the pandemic. 

So, instead of using this opportunity to get better, I’ve actually not used it well at all. 

I was thinking about this when I was working out recently, so I dug my big girl panties out of one of those dusty corners and I put them back on. And then, I did the two exercise moves I hate the most. 

Burpees and pistol squats. 

Why did I start with what I hate the most? Easy. 

Because doing the hard crap that we hate typically means we need it the most and it has the biggest ability to shape us. The stuff you avoid? That’s exactly what you need to be doing to see the most growth. 

Commit to Doing the Hard Things

Your brain is smarter than you realize. It will always choose the easiest way to do anything you have to do. Its job is to protect you and to keep you from having to put too much effort into anything. 

But that keeps you stagnant. You have to do hard things in order to grow. 

One of the first things I ask new clients is if they’re ready to do hard things. And if they say yes, I tell them to show me that through the choices they make. And I am challenging you to the same thing.

Here’s what that might look like:

  • Even when you don’t want to eat a veggie, you do.
  • Even when you don’t want to move your body, you do.
  • Even when you’d rather stay up watching Netflix all night, you know that sleep is a priority and you choose to sleep. 

Listen, results don’t come from some magic pill. Results are about you. You going all-in on yourself. 

The Secret to Success

When I start working with a new client, she always tells me about all the diets or programs she has tried in the past and failed. I hear about all the things that didn’t work.

And let’s be honest, in the health and nutrition space, there are as many conflicting ideas as there are methods. But I’ll tell you one thing that is true across the board:

Nothing works if you don’t do it. 

Did you hear me? No program in the world will work if you don’t put in the work. In order to see success, you have to go all-in. How do you go all-in?

  • You put on blinders and you don’t look at what anybody else is doing, even in the same space as you.
  • You show up 100% of the time.
  • You take advantage of every bit of content you have available.
  • You tell your brain that you are going to do the hard things, even if it tries to stop you. 
  • You do the things you hate but that bring true results. 

Until you get sick and tired of feeling like sh*t all the time, you won’t change. You have to get to the end of your rope and decide…DECIDE that you are going all in.

Stop Taking the Easy Road

Do you know why you keep failing? Because you keep choosing the easy way out. 

Anytime you decide to follow a prescriptive program that tells you what to eat, what time to eat, what not to eat, when you should avoid eating, etc, you are choosing to go halfway in on your health. 

Why do I say that? Because it’s true!

These things don’t work long-term because they don’t change your mindset. And if you always seek the easy road of having somebody else tell you what to do, you won’t ever do the heavy lifting that brings about real change and real results. 

You Have to Show Up

What’s going to happen when you’re following another eating plan that you bought somewhere but you don’t “feel like it” today? Who’s going to make you do it?


And that’s why you stay stuck. Because you remain dependent on others to make decisions for you, and they aren’t even the right decisions! 

But when you go all-in on yourself, you are committing to making those hard decisions that only you can make. You are committing to showing up for yourself in a way that nobody else can do. 

Look, there are plenty of days where your good friend, Amanda here, doesn’t want to record another podcast or send another email. But you know what? I do it anyway. Why? Because my dream and my passion are bigger than any excuse I could come up with to not do those things. 

So, I show up and I do the damn thing and that’s what you have to do!

Where Do You Need to Go All In?

I recently told a client it was time to end our coaching relationship when she admitted to me, after several months of making excuses for why she wasn’t doing the work, that she didn’t really want to go all in.

So, now I’m asking you. Do you want to go all in? 

What is that one area where you think, if only you could focus on it, you could make some real changes? I know you can think of at least one, if not more than one. 

What’s holding you back? 

Don’t tell me it’s money because we can always find the money to do what we want to do. Don’t tell me it’s time. You have time to do what’s important to you. 

If there’s something in life that you truly want, you will find the time, the money, and the space to go all-in on that thing. It’s the real secret to success. 

At the end of my life, I don’t want to look back and know that I chose the easy road my whole life, in relationships, in my health, in everything. I want to look back and know that when I was presented with a hard choice and an easy one, I chose the hard. 

So, what’s your hard thing? Are you ready to go all-freaking-in?!

There may be many layers of this onion that you have to peel back before you get to all the root causes. If you don’t know where to start, I am here to help.




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