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This was one of the most fun interviews I’ve ever recorded.  I was recording from a hotel room in Vegas and she had a baby wrapped around her.

That’s what it takes to connect with other powerful women and create valuable content to help women take a stand for their lives.

It takes a village as women…to create the lives we crave.  Mommin’ ain’t easy!  We both get you!

Sometimes you really feel the thoughts creeping in of “Who am I to…?”

Who am I to be a mom of 2 kids?

Who am I to own a business?

Who am I to share my story?

This week on the podcast I am talking about Imposter Syndrome with the gorgeous Maria Alcoke.  It’s something I struggled with when I first launched my business HARD.  In fact, I still do at moments.

Maria Alcoke is the host of the Engine Mom Podcast, a CrossFit-L1 trainer, a Certified Pre&Postnatal Coach and runs her own graphic & web design studio, MariaVida Creative.

Maria realized the true value of community and connection while navigating some major transitions in 2015 which included moving across the country, starting her own business and becoming a mom. She is a firm believer in “it takes a village” when it comes to raising your family while simultaneously staying true to yourself.

In September 2017, she launched The Engine Mom Podcast to provide unique perspectives from Moms who are driven by their passions and to inspire others to be their best selves by identifying what fuels them: their passions and greater purpose.

In this episode we dive into:

-The roller coaster of life and why it leads to “imposter syndrome”

– Our definition of Imposter Syndrome

– Why credentials never really lead to validation

-Why we have to be “okay” with not being everyone’s cup of tea

-How journaling and meditation is so powerful to becoming more self-aware

-How to dig deeper to get to the “why” behind what is holding you back

-Building a community of women to support you is an important part of overcoming the struggle

-That each person’s journey is unique and YOU must be your best self-advocate

Maria’s podcast “The Engine Mom Podcast” can be found here.

You can also find her here on Instagram and on Facebook.


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