It’s the New Year which means you are likely being bombarded with a zillion ads, memes, and emails to help you refocus on your health in 2021.  The question though: Are you putting whip cream on poop?

This week I am co-recording this episode with my friend Megan Blacksmith of Zesty Ginger where we dive into a discussion about how to lay a strong foundation in health and make sure you are putting your energy (and money) in the most important places to get the results you desire.

Years ago, while I was coaching track, I sat with other coaches and one of them asked something that stuck with me:

“Ever notice how some athletes don’t give 100% and dog it much of the race until the last 20 meters when everyone in the stands can see and then they go all out?

“Yes!” we all replied. healthy foods

“It’s putting whip cream on POOP.  It’s putting something fancy and pretty on top of poor effort.”

🤯 🤯 🤯

This analogy has stuck with me since then and it is 100% applicable to health.

Laying a good foundation for your health is the first crucial step to getting the results you want. If you don’t have a good foundation and are just putting the whip cream on top, you won’t see any changes.

If you aren’t sure where to start with laying a solid foundation, join me for our upcoming workshop “3 Reasons you aren’t seeing results in your body” coming up on 1/19/2021. 

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