I set a big health goal for myself as I near my 40s.  As time has passed, I realized I was avoiding going all-in on it because…I was afraid to fall short.

This fear of failing was actually causing me to fail. 

In this episode I share why you too might be avoiding failing in some area of your life and why it is in fact, causing you to not achieve the outcome you desire.  I also talk about what failure means in our lives and how to reframe it.

I was afraid to fail…

Then took no action.

I was afraid of not hitting my goal.  If I didn’t hit my goal, what would that mean?

Then I realized something…

Even if I hit 193 instead of 213, I am stronger than I was when I started working toward the goal.

It’s interesting how a little mindset shift helped me realize that even if I “failed,” I was still coming out ahead of where I was.

That I had made progress but hadn’t achieved perfection.

Sometimes we make failing to mean something in our minds:

We make it mean we are less than, embarrassed, aren’t successful.

But what does it actually mean?

We assign meaning while creating the drama and feelings surrounding failure.

“Daring is saying, ‘I know I will eventually fail and I’m still all in.‘ ” -Brené Brown

amanda walker business life health coachHow daring are you in your own life?

Do you avoid doing something because you are afraid of failing?

I am here to tell you that if you avoid failing, you are actually creating more failure in your life.

How so?

Well, think of it this way…

If you never start on something for fear of failing, you are missing out on opportunities to grow and better yourself.

Fear of failure will lead to indecision and decision paralysis and you will miss out on many growth opportunities.

One way to avoid failing is to go all-in on your life.

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amanda walker business life health coach