Do you ever find yourself feeling bored? Bored with eating the food that makes you feel amazing, bored with exercise, bored with journaling?

If you do, in today’s episode I want to share with you how that boredom is a sneaky way of sabotaging yourself. 

Are You Really Bored?

Before we jump into the meat of this topic, let’s talk about what boredom is. 

If you feel bored with something, it means that the thing has become tiresome to you. You no longer have the energy or desire to deal with it. 

Ever feel like that about eating good food? I’m sure we all have at some point. 

I have a client who has been working with me for a few months now and she mentioned to me not long ago that she was bored with her food. She was tired of eating the same things and she had no energy or desire to go to Pinterest and look for new ideas. 

I asked her to do some digging into how she was feeling and whether it was true that she was bored or whether it was merely a story she was telling herself. 

I think that if we really think about what boredom is and why we might feel that way, we can see that boredom is actually a way we self-sabotage. 

Shouldn’t I Quit if I’m Bored?

It’s really interesting to be talking about this topic during a time when our world is basically shut down due to coronavirus. How does that apply to this topic?

Because we’re all freaking bored out of our minds right now!

Our brains need challenges in order to grow and when we’ve been doing the same thing for a really long time, our brain says, “Okay, I’m bored. Give me something new to do.”

The reality is that when we say we’re bored, our brain doesn’t want to quit doing what we’re doing. 

No, on the contrary, our brain wants us to step it up and find variety. 

Boredom doesn’t mean quitting; it means finding new and higher-level ways of doing the things you say you’re bored with. 

Do You Want to See Results?

If something is important to you, you have to be willing to suck it up and continue to put in the hard work until you get the results you want. 

“The only way to become excellent is to become endlessly fascinated with doing the same thing over and over again.” ~James Clear

You simply have to fall in love with boredom. 

You have to be willing to keep doing something even if you’re not in the right mood, even if you feel like it’s a little bit boring, even if it doesn’t sound good at the moment. 

Do Successful People Ever Get Bored?

I want you to stop for just a minute and think about the people you know who have experienced great success in life. 

Do you realize that all these people are exactly like you and me? 

They have felt boredom just like we do. They have felt stress and anxiety. 

The difference between people who succeed and those who don’t is that successful people have decided to keep going even when they feel all those feelings of wanting to quit. 

When they get bored, they keep going. They find new ways of doing what they’re focusing on. 

Boredom Is an Excuse

How do we use boredom as an excuse? Let’s think of some examples. 

  • I’ve lost weight multiple times, and it’s because, every time, I pushed through the boredom. I pushed through the stress and told myself, “I’ve got to keep going. Repetition is good for me. Repetition brings mastery.” When my own boredom tempts me to go into the pantry and start eating at will, I can stop and realize that my feelings aren’t true. 
  • Maybe you joined a gym and you’re really enjoyed going. You enjoyed learning how to use the machines, exercising with others, and seeing results. And now, all of a sudden, you feel bored at the thought of going to the “same old gym” that you loved a week ago. 
  • That piece of exercise equipment you scrimped and saved for was the highlight of your days for quite a while but now, you’re bored with it. You think you can’t bear the thought of going for “another walk” or getting on the elliptical yet again. So you quit using it.

The truth is every single one of the things I mentioned actually works. 

Eating healthy food works. 

Going to the gym works.

Exercising at home works. 

But the minute you let boredom become an excuse to stop what works, you’re saying that you are unable to maintain consistency. 

That is the moment that you use boredom as a way to self-sabotage. 

When the Honeymoon Phase Is Over

Everything in life has a honeymoon phase. Even illness has a honeymoon phase, believe it or now. 

When you start something new, like a new eating plan or exercise program, it feels easy. It feels exciting. You can’t wait to do the thing again and again. You look forward to it. 

And then, the honeymoon phase starts to wear off. 

And now, it feels boring. That eating plan feels too restrictive all of a sudden. You’re tired of what you’ve been eating. 

So, are you willing to push through the boredom to see the results that you want or are you so focused on the next thing that you quit?

Can you maintain that consistency that brings success? Or will you self-sabotage yet again?

Pressing Through the Boring Stuff

One of the problems with humans is that we each think we’re unique. (And we are, to some degree, but stay with me…)

If something is happening to me, I am sure it has never happened to anybody else. 

I’m pretty sure that all my feelings are unique and that if anybody else understood how I feel, they would react in the same way. 

But that is not true. 

  • I get up and journal every morning. 
  • I make healthy food choices every day.
  • I exercise even if I don’t feel like it.
  • I meal plan.

I get that it might sound boring to you but this gets me results. This way of life has become intuitive for me. 

I no longer have to make a ton of decisions because I already know what to do to get results. 

So while I may feel the same things that you feel, I have made the decision to press through and get the results I want. 

Stop Saying You’re Bored

I get that you might not get pumped up about planning a balanced plate 3 times a day. I get that going for another walk might not bring feelings of excitement. 

But before you stray from the path of success and call it boredom, take a minute and assess what is really going on. 

What you’re really doing is saying that you don’t have it within you to be consistent. 

Success Is on the Other Side of Boredom

Did you know that at the point that most people quit, they were on the cusp of success?

Don’t let that be your story. 

If you can push through the feelings of boredom and stress, you will find that you start to see amazing results. 

Once you cross over the mountain of resistance, you start to glide along with less effort. Things feel easier. 

Are you so close to success but you continue to self-sabotage? 

There may be many layers of this onion that you have to peel back before you get to all the root causes. If you don’t know where to start, I am here to help.




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