In this episode, I share why the things that feel “common” in our life aren’t always RIGHT. When you look around it might seem like many people are participating in behaviors and it feels common.  For example, living with debt, scrolling social media at dinner tables, gaining weight as we age, and so many more.  While common, these behaviors and many others I share on the episode do not mean they are RIGHT or normal.  Listen in as I help you assess what is right for you and how you can avoid falling into the common trap.

When creating this episode, the biggest example I thought of that is “common” was credit card debt.  Everyone has credit card debt, so that must be common for all.

Other examples that immediately jumped out at me were:

  • Back pain
  • Checking social media all the time
  • Launch fatigue
  • Burnout and busy in mom culture
  • Posting on social media for online entrepreneurs
  • Period symptoms
  • Gaining weight as we age

Why does this matter?amanda walker business life health coach

Just because it is “common” doesn’t mean that it’s right for you. Don’t fall into the trap

Are you justifying your actions because these things are common?  My challenge to you is to start questioning your actions instead of just accepting what is common. 

Listen to your body.  Listen to your intuition.

Part of the amazingness of The Feel Amazing Naked Program is that I help women discover how to trust their intuition and lean into what feels good to them.

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amanda walker business life health coach