In a world full of opportunity, our capacity to say “no” is leading to burnout.  In this episode my guest, Dr. Elana Roumell and I talk about why saying no is a crucial part of being a mother.  We dive into her definition of what being a “doctor mom” is and how to fill your toolbox with the tools that best work for you.

When we make decisions as a parent that are NOT from our core values as parent…they usually aren’t good for us or our children.

Those decisions leave us feeling:
Guiltmom holding a baby on a beach
Self Doubt
Finding ways to cope like eating, drinking, etc.

Yes—let that set it.  When we don’t align our values and actions as a parents we sit back and tell ourselves “It’s been a long day” or “I’m over them.”

We’ve all been there.

In this episode Dr. Elana and I share why it’s SOOOO important to tap into what your unique values are as a mom.


Well, the amazing part is that we all need different tools. No two moms or kids need the same thing, so tapping into what our individual strengths and needs are will help us align with the values we wish to instill in our kids.

Join Dr. Elana and I as we discuss our own parental values and how you can tap into yours to get the right toolbox YOU need.