While social media is a powerful tool to grow your business but shouldn’t be your only strategy for growth.  While it feels common and normal to leverage social media, a great mistake many new entrepreneurs are making is putting all their eggs into the basket of social media.  In this episode, I talk about the difference between earned and owned media and which one many new entrepreneurs are missing.  I also talk about some simple steps and places to begin to increase client attraction outside of social media.

In today’s world, it is common that entrepreneurs are posting all over.  It feels like they are spending ALL their time on social.

I agree–it is a great tool to build connections with your audience, to position yourself as an expert, and build social proof in this world.

However, It’s NOT ENOUGH–you MUST leverage other forms.

In the social media world, there is more than meets the eye.

I am talking about Earned vs owned mediaamanda walker business life health coach

Owned media is the media you create and post, while earned media is content about you from others. This shows up in various forms- reviews, tags, etc.

Earned media is not as reliable as owned media.


Two of the biggest things that came to mind for me were:

  • The great IG shutdown of 2021
  • Algorithms and reach impacts you

So, what can you do instead?  (PS. This is something I teach to clients):

Create consistent content on your own platform.

Why? Consumers Start on Search Engines like Google and Pinterest, followed closely by videos, blogs, and podcasts.

Using all these platforms allows you to network and build relationships.  And as you build these networks and relationships, your reach can grow stronger.

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amanda walker business life health coach