Are you resisting feeling amazing in your life?

Do you notice when things are going really well or everything you want in life is happening that you wanted you find yourself thinking thoughts like: this is too good to be true. Or maybe I should be doing more?  Or will it all fall away?  In this episode I share why we resist feeling amazing and how to overcome it.

Are you living out your dream week every week of your life?

Like really mapping out what you want your week to look like, carving out space for the exact things you want and giving yourself permission to let it all happen?

This is one of my favorite practices to go through with clients because when I ask them to begin to tell me their perfect day and perfect week (and yes we include the non-negotiable career/kid stuff) all kinds of limiting beliefs come into the mix.

In fact…they often try to convince me it isn’t possible or available to them.  They share that guilt and shame creep in thinking they can have all that.

This could be your weekly reality if you allow it.amanda walker business life health coach

You could map out every minute of every day exactly as you want it and then go execute.

But why don’t we? Why do we resist feeling so damn amazing in our life?

I share it all in this week’s episode of the podcast.

Imagine what life would look and feel like if you mapped out a dream week every week.  How confident you would be, how happy you would be, and how that would spread into every other action and relationship in your life.

Watch the episode here.

Are you ready to start feeling amazing?!

amanda walker business life health coach