In this episode, I talk about the silent sabotage in business…your lack of confidence. You are not alone my friend. I see it in so many new coaches and business owners and saw it in myself too.  In this episode, I call out some of the most common limiting thoughts that create a lack of confidence.  I also share how to overcome that lack of belief and what you must engage in in order to move from self-doubt to deep self-belief.

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Common Thoughts as a business owner:

-I am not ready
-There are already so many people doing what I am doing
-How can I serve people? I am not far enough along
-More free coaching will help me feel more confident
-I don’t know enoughamanda walker life business coach

How to fix them:

-They are thoughts not facts
-You are choosing them
-Pinto thoughts

Confidence is created through action.  If you aren’t taking action you don’t deepen your self belief.  If you avoid taking action you stay stuck.  Let’s be clear that I mean massive action which includes the risk of failure (not just passive action).

Be here now.

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