Another client success story this week, all about shifting beliefs! 

These stories just light me up and I am excited to share this week’s success story.

She was living in the belief that she was lazy for most of her life. It was a thought she so deeply believed that it felt true. 

Until we began to pull it apart and she began to see why her own thinking was keeping her stuck. 

In this week’s episode, one of the amazing women I’ve coached shares her journey through coaching including the ONE thing that changed everything for her, how she’s tackling her debt now and feeling a new level of confidence in her life.beliefs swing life coach

Her story is proof that as you shift your limiting beliefs, you can really change your life.  She did the work of shifting her beliefs and started noticing the changes.

What are the limiting beliefs you tell yourself?

Here are some common ones I hear a lot from clients:

  • I’m not good at (fill in the blank)
  • I’m not enough
  • It’s my job to make others happy
  • I can’t do that because I am not worthy of that
  • If I fail, I am a failure

It’s time to STOP those limiting beliefs in their tracks!

Tune in this week to see how Jen did just that and stepped into THRIVING in her life:

Also, in case you missed last week’s episodes, I did a 5-day series called “Choose Yourself May” so be sure to check that out too!  This month is all about choosing yourself and letting go of the beliefs/limits that hold you back!

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